My Canberra Building Inspections ACT

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電話號碼: 0449 543 682
詳細地址: North Main Street
市鎮: 堪培拉
州區: ACT - 澳洲首都特區
郵政代碼: 2615
在線地圖: 查看大圖
AL No.LK7713-3803-30
My Canberra Building Inspections ACT is an inspection business operating in Canberra, ACT and the surrounding New South Wales areas.

Our specialty is Pre-Purchase Vendor Inspection packages. House Inspections are what we mostly do. First, we need to stress that we are here to help you. Yes, we get paid. But we actually want to help. So if you are not happy in any way, let us know, please. If you are not satisfied by our ACT Building inspections report, please say so. Integrity is vital. We can inspect your home, shop, home unit, partial build, offices, medical centres, and anything you think you can use us for. We have even provided expert witness testimony.

In ACT any house to be put on the market must have its package of home inspections. This applies to townhouses as well. The five inspections are listed below. Other states do not have this, but here in ACT it is the vendor who must supply these.
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